Last of Us 2 Review

Wow, just wow , Where do I Begin — we start in Jackson,Wyoming. Five years later in 2039 where we meet back up with Ellie along with Dina,Jesse , Tommy and Maria Miller … at this point you get a real sense of community yet there’s a sorrow-ness in the air.

The very first patrol we see is Ellie and Dina Go out on their routine outing as they were assigned to do a perimeter sweep and to patrol, however. They would unknowingly run into a small group of infected — at this point after sense of urgency they both jump on their horses and ride into heavy downpour of snow and harsh winds making Ellie loses Dina for a brief moment but then meets back up heading straight to what I would call a Radio tower where they would sign in the log book then back on the horse and ride in town, upon seeing a dead moose you investigate the abandoned clearing the area of infected, once clear. You follow Dina to the supermarket — you crawl under the truck and climb on top of it to enter the supermarket.

In the next Chapter we are introduced too the WLF or Washington Liberation Front who are

And you take over as Abby as she follows the horse tracks in the snow storm ..

Now the introduction of Abby was met with some backlash pertaining to her very built physique by some clearly in my opinion a clear definition of sexism of what can only be determined as women can’t possibly be that physically built and that only men can type of bullshit argument and yes I know last of us was centred around Joel and Ellie but in became clearer to me that for Naughty Dog too do another Last of us which they definitely had to do- it needed more depth and more intriguing characters because as Joel and ellie certainly makes for an amazing duo intertwined with the storyline it definitely needed a new influx of diverse characters all set in this post- apocalyptic world and of course dialogue between each character brings a fresh twist yet it still remains totally true to the original character’s .

This game isn’t an easy ride it is filled with emotions, trauma ,PTSD and violence which comes expected but not expected if that makes sense as we all know when we first saw Joel from the first game with him losing his daughter that he had been through a lot but we didn’t really know too what extent however the clever use of flashbacks, not just with Ellie herself but also Abby you can see the definite similarities as you clearly seeing their own way of dealing with what has happened and you throw relationships in to mix as well for instance Dina and Ellie even though Ellie was never coded in the game as a lesbian it shows that relationships of the same sex can grow from anywhere , out of anything seeing Dina support Ellie through her ordeal as you progress through the game: as for Abby and her somewhat relationship with Owen which you will see played out but also you now have Mel thrown in and she’s expecting .

Further on you meet another group called Seraphites or Scars who are a Cult
Known Members

Former members
Mysterious woman

You are probably wondering why I haven’t spoiled anything?

Well because this is my interpretation , my thoughts on having played the game and therefore I want to leave spoilers out of it because I don’t know about you but I don’t like it when people do spoilers because it ruins the whole experience and enjoyment

As someone who has Post traumatic stress disorder I knew that playing this game at certain moments would most certainly trigger my PTSD and it definitely did that and I’m not ashamed to admit that I shed a few tears because this game is very emotionally demanding not only on who you are playing as but also on your self so please if you are like me or you genuinely put off because of those scenes then don’t let that put you off, this is a game that has to be in your collection- if you loved the first last of us believe me you will not be disappointed.

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Mental health sufferer, writer , podcaster, LGBTQIA+

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Billy byrne

Billy byrne

Mental health sufferer, writer , podcaster, LGBTQIA+

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