Spiritual Healing Journey

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Two year’s ago my Spiritual awakening Began, I’ve always been someone who has been more spiritual than religious being born into a catholic Irish heritage though my parents were not practising Catholic’s and always wore a Saint Christopher Cross around my neck since i was a child but again with no religious connection. however, it became a solace of strength a grounding foundation that helped me through the Abuse etc i endured : Spirituality isn’t about not believing in the man of creation nor denying his existence to those individuals but rather a feeling of finding one’s self through a deep sense of spirituality with nature , other cultures and spiritualities.

along my journey i deepened and enhanced my spirituality through self healing ( Usui Reiki ) of which i use on a daily basis also doing Shamanic Moon Magic furthering my knowledge and connection with natures surroundings and Moon Phases

“ i know everybody isn’t spiritual — but it can give you sense of purpose “

One of the many things i use and wear often is an Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst Crystal Meaning & Properties — The Witchcraft Way

i am always trying to improve myself spiritually finding the right balance alongside taking care of my self through self care and most importantly trying to keep my mental health in check .

As we are now almost three years on in my journey i can honestly say for me that i have not looked back and have improved massively from where i started , important for me to point out that i still struggle immensely but if it wasn’t for the tools i have gained in addition to being spiritual focusing on myself as a whole i don’t think (Trigger Warning) i would be here not for the tools i have ie CBT, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy etc.




Mental health sufferer, writer , podcaster, LGBTQIA+ billybyrnexxox@outlook.com

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Billy byrne

Billy byrne

Mental health sufferer, writer , podcaster, LGBTQIA+ billybyrnexxox@outlook.com

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